This is a colorful and fun counting activity! Children create a work of art as they stamp scoops of colorful ice cream onto ice cream cones. They will combine counting, color recognition, and fine motor skills as they stamp. This activity comes from “Recycle and Play: Awesome DIY Zero-Waste Projects to Make for Kids” by Agnes Hsu.


Supplies Needed:

  • Paint (poured out on a paper plate)

  • Brown paper cut into ice cream cones

  • Glue

  • Bubble wrap

  • Toilet paper tubes (depending on how many ice cream scoops you want)

  • Rubber bands (to go around your tubes)

  • Paper

  • Scissors


Step One: Cut the brown paper into cone shapes and glue them to your paper.

Step Two: Wrap the pieces of bubble wrap around the toilet paper tubes. Make sure you have enough tubes for each color you plan to use.

Step Three: Dip the bubble wrap into the paint. Make sure it’s evenly coated, and then stamp the scoops of ice cream in any color order you’d like them.


  • Count the scoops of ice cream on each cone, then count the total number of scoops.
  • Identify the colors on each ice cream cone.
  • Enjoy your creation!

Useful Resources:

Recycle and Play: Awesome DIY Zero-Waste Projects to Make for Kids by Agnes Hsu

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