For a creature so small and delicate-looking, butterflies are amazing. Monarch butterflies will travel over 3,000 miles each year for the winter. Purple Emperor butterflies will feast on animal corpses and dung. To celebrate such incredible creatures, here’s a fun and easy DIY to try!

Materials needed:

  • A square piece of paper.


Step one: Fold paper lengthwise, open, then fold widthwise and open. Fold diagonally and open. Once you get the creases, fold in half.

Step two: Push the sides in to get this triangular shape. (Optional step: You can cut the corners off to give your butterfly a softer look).

Step three: Fold one side up towards the tip.

Step four: Flip to the other side, fold the tip upwards slightly past the top. This will strain the paper and that’s okay! (Optional step: Fold the tip down on other side).

Step five: Bend at the crease.


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