Homemade cards are great! The amount of creativity and care put into them is always a treat. Labyrinth Cards adds an extra flair and they’re fun and easy to make! For extra card creativity, be sure to check out Creativebug and their free classes.


  • Different Colored Paper

  • Glue Stick

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Scrap Paper Found Around Your Home


Step One: Fold and cut at least three pieces of paper. First fold/cut at 5 1/2in. Second fold/cut at 4in. Last at 2 1/2in. You can mix and match sizes if you wish.

Step Two: Glue the back of each card to the front. I prefer to use stick glue to avoid spotting. 

Step Three: Use the scrap paper to decorate your card! (All of my scraps came from leftover  Valentines stickers, advertisements, and calendars).

Voila! Quick, easy, and fun to do!


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