Have you ever gotten a receipt paper or a gum wrapper and just wanted to turn it into something cool? Here is a simple DIY to turn those random scrap pieces of paper into something awesome.

Materials needed:

  • A rectangle piece of paper.


Step one: Fold in half. Open. Fold sides to middle. (If the next folds are too difficult, skip to Step four to make a simpler ring)  Fold in half lengthwise

Step two: Fold the top corners down. Tuck them inside.

Step three: Fold the sides down. Use a pencil to curl the ring’s “sides.” Using your finger or pencil’s eraser, pop the middle up.

Step four: Tuck the ends together. This can be a little difficult due to how small you make your ring.

Voila! Your ring is done! The simple style and the elaborate one both look great!

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