Some things meant to be broken… Rules. Kit-Kat bars. Glow sticks. And also, piñatas! Though piñatas may take some time to create, they’re worth the effort (and candy!)


  • Lots of newspaper

  • Flour

  • Scissors

  • Colored tissue paper

  • Balloons

  • Tape

  • Fan


Step one: Mix water and flour together to make a thick paste. This will be your glue. WARNING: Do not throw your excess flour paste down the sink. It will harden. Throw the excess in the trash and clean droplets immediately before it hardens.

Step two: Tear newspaper into strips. You will need a lot. 

Step three: Blow up the balloon to a good size. You can choose to place the balloon in a bowl for stabilization. Dip the newspaper into the flour paste and put on the balloon. Cover the balloon completely. (Leaving it half-done may risk it popping) Place the paper-covered balloon in front of the fan to dry. (Letting it dry naturally will take hours.) Repeat 3-4 times to make a hard shell.

Step four: To make the cones, roll a newspaper into a cone and cut about two inches thick on the edge to lay it flat. Use the flour-paste and newspaper to glue it on. (No tape necessary) You can choose how many cones to make. Be sure to coat the cone with the flour-paste to help harden it.

Step five: Take the tissue paper and cut it into thin strips. Fold in half and make several cuts into the fold. You can make these cuts as thin or thick as you wish. Make a lot of these.

Step six: Place the cut tissue paper onto your piñata. You can use your finger or a brush. (It’ll get messy either way!) Be sure to layer the tissue paper like roofing tile. Don’t worry if some of the paper gets wet or sticks together. 

Step seven: Puncture two parallel holes into your piñata, and using a long stick, tape your string onto the stick and run it through. Then cut open a flap on the top for the candy and/or toys. No need to glue it down, push down the flap. Add on tassels on the end of each cone if desired.

Voila! Your piñata is done! You can decorate the whacking stick if you wish for added flair. 

For more information, be sure to check out:

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