Video games are great fun, but there’s going to be occasions when playing won’t be an option. Weather may knock out the power, or your little sibling ctrl-alt-deletes your game by accident. Whatever the reason may be, here’s a fun DIY puzzle game to play on those days.


  •  Large sheets of cardboard

  • Box Cutter

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Glue


Step one: Size and cut two flat pieces of cardboard for your base. The one pictured here is 12inx20in. On your second piece, outline a barrier an inch thick, and cut it out. Glue these together. You can decorate if you wish.

Step two: Measure and cut out your puzzle pieces. Each piece pictured here is 1” for every “block”. You can change the shape of your pieces if you wish. You will need to cut out at least 5-10 pieces of every shape. Use markers or colored paper to differentiate between shapes. Be sure to still draw in the blocks for better visualization. Don’t be afraid to shave off the sides if certain pieces don’t fit right.

Viola! The rules are up to you! Perhaps a timed game? Or the simple satisfaction of slotting the pieces in together? Either way, have fun!

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