Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? How about a train full of them? Well then you’re in luck! Today’s book is about exactly that! “All Aboard the Dinotrain” by Deb Lund tells the tale of a trip of prehistoric proportions! Follow the instructions below to find it in CCPL’s Tumblebooks Library. Then after listening to it, scroll down and find some activities you can do to keep the Dinotrain rolling!

To find “All Aboard the Dinotrain” in Tumblebooks:

  1. Visit CCPL’s homepage at www.ccplonline.org
  2. From the Research & Learn menu, select Research & Databases.
  3. Scroll down to Tumblebooks Library (Databases are listed alphabetically).
  4. Click on TumbleSearch, found in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Type “All Aboard the Dinotrain” in the “Search By Title” field, and then click “Go”.
  6. On the left hand side of the page, click “Play Video”
  1. Count the number of different types of dinosaurs that ride the Dinotrain. How many of them can you name?
  2. While on their trip, many things stopped the Dinotrain from reaching its destination. Have you ever been on a trip that didn’t go as planned? Have a grown up help you write about it and draw a picture!
  3. Where do you think the Dinotrain was headed? What kind of adventures would you like to see the dinosaurs take?
  4. If you were to ride on the Dinotrain, what job would you like to do? How would you help the dinosaurs reach their destination?
  5. At the end, the dinosaurs said they would never ride a train again. What other forms of transportation, real or imaginary, might a dinosaur use to travel? What are some forms of transportation that would not work well for dinosaur trips?

Here’s a fun craft, courtesy of Kids Activity Blog!  Follow the steps provided and make your own train out of things you can find around the house! If you have some dino friends, maybe you can recreate your favorite scenes from the story!

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