Everyone has a favorite time of day! Some like the day time, when the sun is out and there are lots of things to do and see! Others prefer the night time, when everything is peaceful and quiet. In “Beautiful Moon” by Dawn Jeffers, a little girl discovers that she can magically control what time of day it is, all the time! What will she do with these amazing powers? Find out by listening to the story in CCPL’s Tumblebooks Library (directions to find the book below), and then scroll down to find some activities you can do any time of day!

To find “Beautiful Moon” in Tumblebooks:

  1. Vist CCPL’s homepage at www.ccplonline.org
  2. From the Research & Learn menu, select Research & Databases.
  3. Scroll down to Tumblebooks Library (Databases are listed alphabetically).
  4. Click on TumbleSearch, found in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Type “Beautiful Moon” in the “Search By Title” field, and then click “Go”.
  6. On the left hand side of the page, click “Play Video”
  1. What time of day is your favorite? Make a list of all the things you can do during your favorite time of day, and then draw a picture of you doing them!
  2. Nocturnal is a big word! It’s used to describe things that are done at night, and even animals you might see only at night time. Make a list of nocturnal animals, then take a walk after sundown and see if you can find any!
  3. If you look at the moon, you might notice that it looks different each day of the month. These different shapes and sizes are called “phases”. Using a calendar, see if you can map out the different moon phases by drawing what the moon looks like each night!
  4. In the story, the little girl wishes for a day that never ends. If this happened, we’d be able to see our shadows all the time! Using chalk, go outside and trace your shadow on the sidewalk or street. Notice how your shadow changes depending on what time of day it is!
  5. Watch this short video about the moon. What are some moon facts you learned?

Before we had clocks and watches, people used the sun and special tools called sundials to tell time. As the sun traveled across the sky, the shadow it would create on the sundial would let people know about what time it was! With this craft from Green Kids Crafts, you can create your own sundial. Check it during the day, and talk about the things you observe!