• Clay (I used Seed Bomb Matrix Clay (Amazon) but as long as the clay is easy to manipulate and dries, you are all set!)

  • Seed packets (everyone will choose different flowers to grow, and that is totally fine!)

  • Watering Can

  • Planter/ Flower Pot

  • A sunny area for flowers to grow

  • Pan to dry bombs on


  • 1. The first step to this experiment is to take a piece of clay and roll it into a ball using your hands.

  • 2. Once that is done, if you have large seeds (ex: sunflower), you just need to push them into the clay ball. If they are smaller (ex: poppy seeds …. yum!) sprinkle on a sheet pan to make it easier to roll the ball overtop and collect seeds.

  • 3. Wait for your bomb to dry. This will secure the seeds into place. The drying process will take from 30 minutes – 2 hours, depending on the clay itself. When it is dry, it will be a few shades lighter than its original color.

  • 4. Wash your hands for 2 minutes to help the waiting time for the bomb go by faster.

  • 5. Get your pot/planter ready. I use Cactus Mix soil to make it easier for water to go through the soil and help drain to avoid root rot. Don’t fill your pot all the way to the top with the soil. Leave about an inch to make room for the flower bomb.

  • 6. There are two ways you can plant your flower bomb. 1) Take your bomb and carefully rotate it into the soil until it is half way into the mix. 2) Take a spoon and dig a little divot for the bomb. (I just placed the soil into the same cooking pan to help with mess). Place the bomb into the new hole and tuck unearthed soil around it. Do not cover it all the way, but secure it in place.

  • 7. It is important to water your bomb, or the plants will not grow. Water until the soil is moist. Be sure to let the water drain from the pot to avoid root rot.

  • 8. Finally, place your pot in a sunny area and in 2-4 weeks, you will have your flowers!

Thank you for tuning in. Stay safe!

💓 Ms. Kate