Hello! Ms. Kate here, and in this blog post, I was thinking about conducting a science experiment…OOOOOHHHH! I have seen numerous posts and articles regarding how music helps or hinders (depending on genre) their growth. I thought it would be cool to try it for ourselves! After all, plants are affected by sunlight, water, airflow, and soil; why not music? 

Instead of doing a full experiment (where we have the dependent variable, independent variable, and control), we will play our favorite music for about an hour every day and see if there is any growth! I think I will play some show tunes (dedicated to my theater roots…no pun intended).

What will you play?

The plants I will test this idea on my wall of trailing plants. I just love they all wash the gray walls with living and vibrant greens. Featured on my wall is a couplet of Philodendron Micans, Demetri (my Philodendron Brasil), Felix (my Tradescantia), and my variegated String of Hearts (Pegasus/ Peggy). The Philodendron Micans is a variation of the trailing section of Philodendron, with a cool addition to their leaves. They have a velvety look to their dark green leaves that are very eye-catching and have become a favorite for me. Philodendron Brasil also trails and is identified by the splashes of lime green on the leaves that I adore! The tradescantia adds a new dimension with their spade-shaped leaves and the way they fall, and the string of hearts is my very favorite plant by far. What is your favorite plant? 

For this experiment, any plant of your choosing Is perfect, succulent, trailing, or tree; anything that is green is fine with me! We will play our music for our leaf-ed friends for one to two hours a day and monitor by photo. I find that that helps me keep track of growth with my plants, especially since their growth process is so gradual until we finally notice the change! We will be watching the progress (or lack of progress, which is totally fine) for about a month. I will then post another blog post to follow up on the experiment and go over the changes I noticed in the hopes that you can relate! 

Without further ado, happy gardening gang, and good luck!!

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