Do you want to find a new source for Children’s Literature, but unsure of where to look? Look no further! The International Children’s Digital Library is a Web site created to “support the world’s children in becoming effective members of the global community.”

How do they achieve this feat? 

They have a library of books from all over the world. They also offer sections of their collection dedicated to books in different languages. Examples include Farsi, Hebrew, and Mongolian. They also provide multilingual books. In their featured article, I found the book “The Hare of Inaba”, a Japanese tale about 80 princes coming across a wounded hare. But their brother, the 81st prince, helps the hare and together, they teach his siblings how to treat others fairly. ICDLI (International Children’s Digital Library Information) offers which language you would prefer to read in multilingual books.

Why is this essential? 

“The Hare of Inaba” teaches us how to treat others with respect. This source gives families a chance to educate their children in different ways and have another access point to knowledge. It also provides both non-English speakers and English speakers an opportunity to practice new languages.

Their Web site is full of information. ICDLI has sections on how to help their organization with donations as well as Library News and Notes. Library News regards library branches from all over the country, which can be beneficial when we can travel. 

I hope you enjoy this resource as much as I did. It is a very cool website that shares even cooler stories!