Kanopy Kids is a great way to keep your little one busy. With books that come alive to educational and entertaining movies and television shows, Kanopy Kids is a safe and fun database for the whole family to enjoy. And, the best part, it’s completely free. Simply use your library card to access Kanopy and click on the “Go to Kanopy Kids” tab on the top right of your homepage. 

Another great thing about Kanopy Kids is that it doesn’t use up your Kanopy viewing credits. You have unlimited access to Kanopy Kids with absolutely no strings attached. The only question is, what will you read and watch today?

Every other week we’ll dive into a new and fun offering that you can find on Kanopy Kids. Along with a book/movie review and links to other great resources. I hope you will come back often and explore with us the amazing world of Kanopy Kids.

This week’s Kanopy Kids selection is for the birds! All about birds, that is. Here’s what you can tune into this week to learn all about funny birds, helping birds, and interesting birds.


Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!  By Mo Willems

Pigeon is an ornery bird and today he really doesn’t want to go to bed. He will try everything to get you to let him stay up late. Will you give in to Pigeon’s antics or will you make him go to sleep? Find out in this fun and interactive book starring our favorite feathered friend created by our favorite author, Mo Willems. 

But, don’t stop there. Mo Williams has more books with our favorite snarky pigeon, as well as some other fun-loving and adventurous characters. Check them out on Hoopla and Overdrive.


Wild Bird Rescue By Curiosity Quest Goes Green

Curiosity Quest is a family program brought to us by PBS Kids. In each episode the Curiosity Quest adventurers take us on a different experience that answers all of our questions about earth-friendly subjects. In the Wild Bird Rescue episode, we learn about a wild bird rescue in Florida and why some of the birds are there. 

Check out all of the Curiosity Quest Goes Green episodes here on Kanopy Kids


Elmo Finds a Baby Bird By Sesame Street

When Elmo and Rosita find a baby bird they do their best to help it but they don’t know what it needs or wants. Will Elmo and Rosita be able to help the baby bird or will they have to ask for help to solve the problem? Find out in this episode of Sesame Street that also includes some special guest stars, the word and number of the day, and lots of talk about birds of all kinds. 

You can find more episodes of Sesame Street and Elmo’s World as well as books with our favorite Sesame Street characters on Kanopy Kids, Hoopla, and Overdrive.

We hope you’ll click on over to Kanopy Kids and discover for yourself some new favorites and old pastimes that everyone in your family will enjoy. 

Until next time, we hope you are safe and sound under your canopy and that you will join us using our Kanopy!