November 11th is World Origami day! Check out these great books to create something magnificent.

Origami: Japanese Paper Folding Made Easy by Florence Sakade 

The classic introduction to origami paper folding for beginners! Florence Sakade’s time-tested origami book for beginners has been given a complete makeover, with an attractive new layout, improved instructions, and updated diagrams. From animals, flowers, and boxes, to boats and the ever-popular crane, aspiring origami artists can learn directly from a master. 

Origami Dinosaurs by Lisa Miles

Offers step-by-step instructions for origami dinosaur projects, including how to make a diplodocus, allosaurus, and stegosaurus.

Harry Potter Origami. Volume 2  by Nick Robinson

Craft fifteen amazing props as seen in the Harry Potter films with this easy-to-follow origami book! You’ll be able to fold amazing objects, like the Flying Ford Anglia and Hagrid’s Hut, as well as familiar characters, like house-elves, Dementors, and Scabbers the rat.

Amazing Origami Animals by Rob Ives

Readers will create an origami menagerie with a cute guinea pig, floppy-eared rabbit, delicate butterfly, leaping frog, and more. Projects increase in difficulty so readers can learn new skills and build on them.

Amazing Origami by Kunihiko Kasahara

A mixture of art and geometry show the principles behind origami and provide methods to divide segments, angles, and areas into equal parts.

Origami Zoo: 25 Fun Paper Animal Creations by Paul Jackson 

Origami Zoo contains twenty-five delightful origami animal designs. Kids will love creating such critters as koalas, monkeys, butterflies, vultures, and more. Color photos and helpful illustrations make the instructions easy to follow.

Easy Origami Ornaments: An Augmented Reality Crafting Experience by Christopher Harbo

Learn how to turn origami flowers, stars, cranes, and more into amazing ornaments for any occasion. With photo-illustrated instructions and augmented reality access to video tutorials, you’ll never get stuck on a step. Just grab some paper and start crafting!.

Easy Ocean Origami by Christopher L. Harbo

Provides instructions and photo-illustrated diagrams for making a variety of easy water-related origami models.

Fold Your Own Origami Grassland Animals by Ruth Owen

Would you like your own mighty elephant sitting on your desk? Maybe if it’s a paper elephant! In this book, readers will learn to turn sheets of paper into grassland animals such as giraffes, zebras–and, yes, elephants! Each origami project features simple instructions and clear illustrations, as well as photos of the real animals to intrigue those interested in these magnificent creatures.

Origami: The Fun and Funky Art of Paper Folding by Thiranut Boonyadhistarn

A do-it-yourself crafts book for children and pre-teens on origami.

Easy Origami by Mary Meinking

Provides step-by-step instructions for easy origami models, including a drinking cup, a spinning top, and a fortune-teller.

Not-Quite-So-Easy Origami by Mary Meinking

Provides step-by-step instructions for moderately easy origami models, including a hopping frog, gliding airplane, and flapping crane.

Easy Origami Woodland Animals by John Montroll

Paper snakes, foxes, owls, and more! Enjoy 10 brand-new easy origami woodland animals by world-renowned origami master, John Montroll. With clear, step-by-step folding diagrams, these paper creations are easy for everyone. Fantastic folded forest critters await!

Origami For Everyone: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced by Didier Boursin

Origami for Everyone offers a rich and varied collection of 68 masterpieces. Every fold is explained step-by-step through drawings and easy-to-follow instruction

Origami Paper Airplanes by Didier Boursin

28 origami designs of aircraft and flying objects.

Star Wars Origami: 36  Amazing Paper-Folding Projects From a Galaxy Far, Far Away by Chris Alexander

Everything you need to create a galaxy of Star Wars characters, ships, droids, weapons, and more.

Fold Your Own Origami Polar Animals by Ruth Owen

When you think about the polar regions of Earth, you might think mostly of snow and ice and cold–not the animals that survive and thrive in these arctic areas. In this book, readers will learn more about the creatures that call the polar regions home, including caribou, polar bears, and penguins. With the aid of clear instructions, detailed illustrations, and dazzling photographs, readers will learn to create their own paper replicas of these animals–right in the warmth of their own home!

Making Origami Science Experiments Step by Step by Michael G. LaFosse

With this book, kids will learn how to fold origami shapes as they find out the answers to such questions as, “Will paper of different shapes and thickness fall to the ground differently?” “What will happen to the folded paper if you wet it?” This interactive book will entertain kids as it inspires them to learn and conduct simple science experiments.

Origami Myths & Legends by Duy Nguyen

The fantastic creatures in this beautiful and colorful collection may exist only in storybooks-but with some paper, simple origami folds, and Duy Nguyen’s incredibly detailed illustrations as a guide, they can spring to life right in your hands.

DC Super Heroes Origami: 46 Folding Projects for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more! by John Montroll

Provides instructions and diagrams for folding origami models of characters, objects, and symbols related to Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League.