Hi Kids! If you are looking for a fun art project, grab an adult and gather your supplies. A reverse canvas is where you can flip a canvas inside out and use the back as a frame and the canvas as the background. A reverse canvas can be a fun gift for grandparents or a neat way to decorate your room.


  • Canvas

  • Markers

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Crayons

  • Wood Stain

  • Stapler

Step 1: Remove the canvas from the plastic cover

Step 2: Turn the canvas over, you will see the canvas wrapped around a wood frame. Gently remove (or have your grown up help you) canvas from wood backing (use scissors to remove the staples or cut small incisions, be careful not to rip the canvas itself). There is no need to remove the staples.

Step 3It may help to have your adult helper to place the frame on the canvas and draw a box so you know where to decorate the canvas. (Anything outside of the box won’t be seen or will be cut off)

Step 4: Decorate the canvas with the design any way you like! Have fun and be creative!

Step 5: Allow your artwork to dry completely (if you painted it)

Step 6: Have your adult helper attach the canvas to the back of the wood frame. Adhere with staples in the four corners.

Step 7: Enjoy decorating your house or giving gifts of reverse canvas!

 You can either lean your canvas against a mirror or wall. Or your adult helper can attach command strips or attach sawtooth hooks.


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