Let’s make playdough with these two star ingredients: cornstarch and hair conditioner. Check out our COSMOS page for this book with step-by-step experiments you can try at home. Not only will this dough be super smooth, but it smells great too! Do sail over to GALE Virtual Reference for substitute materials you can use to create your own dough. Last but not the least, check out Creativebug.


  • Hair conditioner

  • Cornstarch

  • Bowl

  • Spoon

  • Optional: Measuring spoons

  • Optional: Food coloring


Step 1: Place one part conditioner and two parts cornstarch in a bowl. (Adding a few drops of Food coloring is optional).

Step 2: Mix using a spoon at first until crumbly and well combined. If too wet, add more starch.

Step 3: Ta- Da! Create characters or shapes.