The Charles County Public Library is excited to offer Freegal Music!

Freegal Music is a streaming and downloadable music service with over 40,000 labels.  You can stream three hours of music, and download three songs.  You can download the Freegal Music app on your phone and keep the downloaded songs on your phone as long as you want.  All you need is your library card and password.  

The search button allows you to look for your favorite artist, album, and genre.  There are playlists all set up for you if you want to pick out some mood music or play songs from your favorite music era.  

Do you have children to entertain at home?  Type in kids dance in the search tool and really fun dance music for children (and adults) is displayed.  You could do the Chicken Dance, the Electric Slide, or the Hokey Pokey

To get started you just need to download the Freegal app on your phone.  There will be a search button based on your zip code for the library in your area.  Pick The Charles County Public Library.  The next step will be entering your library card number (the number by the  barcode on your card). You will also need your password. Once the system validates your card you will be in the Freegal App’s home area where you can search for music.  

I hope you enjoy Freegal and now join me for The Hokey Pokey!