The origami fortune teller, or salt cellar, has been part of school yard children activities since the 1950’s. This is a fun and simple way to introduce anyone to origami. For more shapes and pieces, be sure to check out other origami books like Origami for Beginners by Florence Temko.

Resources needed:

  • A single square piece of paper (image shows 8×8)

  • Lines drawn for easier instruction

Step One:

Fold the corner parts of the paper into the middle.

Step Two:

Flip paper over onto back. Dot drawn for easier instruction.

Step Three:

Fold the corners into the middle again.

Step Four:

Fold in half inward

Step Five:


Step Six:

Pop out the flaps.

Step Seven:

Add your numbers/colors/names and you’re ready to predict!


Origami for Beginners by Florence Temko 

Origami Made Easy by Vanda Battaglia