Brainfuse HelpNow  is a great, free way to study for exams and receive live tutoring. All you need is your library card. Here is a quick look at various Brainfuse features that may be new to you.

Live Help

With Live Help, you can connect with a live tutor covering a wide span of grade levels and subjects. The format is a live chat room but it features a whiteboard that can be used to draw diagrams, equations, and notes. There is also a similar tutoring feature that allows you to practice your foreign language skills.

Lifelong Learning & More

Beyond live tutoring, Brainfuse also offers a writing lab where you can have a tutor assist you while you write or you can submit a piece of completed writing and receive detailed feedback on your sample. There is also a library of practice tests available to patrons.

Brainfuse also has resources to help you prepare for your GED, prepare for the US Citizenship Test, learn Microsoft Office, and receive career and resume help as well. 

There is also a service dedicated to helping you prepare your FAFSA application. If you ever get stuck filling out your application, they may be able to help!

One last thing you might not know about Brainfuse is that they also offer live chess tutoring! Receive one-on-one feedback with a live expert and check out their library of tactics and strategies.

So what will you learn on BrainFuse today?