Can’t find the book you want to read in your local library system?  No worries – we have an inter-library loan service called Marina that allows you to borrow books (or books-on-CD or DVDs) from all over our state and even from other states!  Sometimes even academic libraries will loan out their books!

Step One:

Here is how to get started with Marina:  From our website, under “Research & Learn” choose “Marina: Statewide Catalog.”

Marina: Statewide Catalog

Step Two:

Type your library card number in and begin searching!

Step Three:

Marina will search titles throughout all of the Maryland public libraries.

Step Four:

If your title is located, you will see abbreviations for the county library system (such as FRED for Frederick County Public Library) that owns it and all you need to do is hit “Request” to begin the loan process.  

For example:

Step Five:

Select a pickup location and click the Request button to order this item from the Marina libraries.

You can choose which local branch you would like the item sent to and they will contact you when it arrives.  It may take a week or a little longer.  Most Marina items can be renewed once.

If the title you are looking for doesn’t show up on Marina, please contact your library and from our end we can try to locate a copy for you!   

*Libraries won’t normally loan out their new items.

And don’t forget – if the item is something you would like your local library to consider for purchase, you can place a request here: