Many cats find humans to be somewhat lacking in good sense, so Cleo has made it her mission to try and help us. Here are a few of her recommendations, along with some resources provided by her human servant who works at the Library.

“Sleep is very important and humans don’t get enough of it!”   

Suggested Resource: Better Sleep Program: train your brain for insomnia relief and deep rejuvenation (from Hoopla)

“Take the time to find and enjoy hobbies!”

Suggested Resource: Get a hobby! (Book)

“Disappear when you don’t want to do something!”

Suggested Resource:  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (DVD)

“Spend lots of time with your family and friends!”

Suggested Resource: All the World (from Kanopy)

“Fresh air and sunshine makes you feel better!”

Suggested Resource: Article (article from Gale One File Popular Magazines)

Cleo thanks you for reading her blog post and would like to leave you with the following thought: “Cat’s Rule.”