What is Help Now! and what can it do for parents of school age children? 

Help Now! is an elearning platform that offers many educational and career services. Three of these services in particular can help students ensure academic success. They are live tutoring, help with writing papers and homework help.

Help Now! (Brainfuse) is a resource available with your library card.  If you need a library card, sign up here

Getting Started

To get started go to Charles County Public Library online resources View All Resources »

And scroll down to Help Now! (Brainfuse). At the Get Started box, enter your library card’s barcode number and click login to Help Now.

In the Help Now site there are many educational, testing and career resources available. Here are the three services that would be especially helpful for parents of school age children.

Homework Help

Homework Help is live tutors to help all ages with subjects such as math, science, reading/writing, social studies, and even standardized tests such as PSAT, SAT, and ACT. The student selects their grade and the subject they need help with.  Then the student can schedule a session with a live tutor. 

Live Tutors

Live tutors are helpful with subjects that need further explanation, but how about book reports or term papers? There is a 24 hour writing lab where the student can submit your essays, book reports, and term papers.  Someone from the writing lab will  provide feedback and the student can make corrections. The Brainfuse Essential Grammar Guide will help with grammar and usage.


Getting a paper proofread is always helpful, but what about other homework assignments? Not sure if those math problems have been done correctly? Send it into Homework Send Questions and experts will look at it and send it back corrected.  Or the student can ask a specific question in the text box.  

Additional Resources

There are other resources on Help Now. Here is a quick explanation on some of them. Flashbulb has flashcards on many subjects or the student can create their own.  It is a fun interactive way to help students prepare for quizzes and tests. MEET is a platform where students can meet virtually to study or work on a project. SkillSurfer has lessons and tests for elementary through college subject areas.  SkillSurfer also has lessons and tests for ASVAB, computer skills, ESL, and more.

Below is a quick video showing you how easy it is to get help from Help Now.

Parents, we hope this helps you and your children with their school work and academic success!