Remember that time when Annie sat with you at lunch and she laughed so hard milk came out her nose or the day you aced that math exam?  How about when Jeff made the football team, and Britta became the mascot, so you went out that night to celebrate at Wild Wings.  Since we are all at home now and can’t go, why don’t you sit back, relax and watch a couple of movies about school?  Kanopy has a thriller about a high school teacher and her student called “The Teacher” or if you prefer the real world how about “On the Way to School” a documentary about four students and how they get to school every day.  I think I’ll go relax and watch “Heist School” with Jean Claude Van Damme helping a group of high school students pass their exam.  Enjoy!

Hey Hey it’s Esther Blueburger

A thirteen-year old Jewish girl doesn’t fit in at her private school and after pretending to be a foreign exchange student she enrolls in a public school and learns it’s okay to be different.

Heist School

A group of high school students gets Jean Claude Van Damme to help them pass a momentous exam.

A Teacher

A thriller about a high school teachers’ relationship with a student that turns into an obsession.

The Case of Hana & Alice

Fourteen-year-old Alice moves to a new town and befriends Hana and they set out to investigate the mystery of a missing classmate that was allegedly killed.

On the Way to School

A documentary about the long roads four students take to get to school around the world.

The Teacher

A dark comedy about a manipulative elementary school teacher.

Lady Bird

Christine is a high school senior that is navigating adolescence and the relationship with her mother.

Eighth Grade

It has been a terrible year in middle school and thirteen-year-old Kayla tries to gain acceptance from her peers before heading to high school.


Ronald is smart and doesn’t care for sports but when he goes to college, his attitude doesn’t help him gain friends or the attention of Mary.

Adventures in Public School

Claire wants her genius son to go to Cambridge University to study Astronomy.  However, Liam who has been homeschooled his entire life bombs his exams and enrolls in a state school for the love of a girl. His mom makes things worse when she gives him a crash course in sex, drugs, and social chaos.