My absolute obsession is finding new open house events for unique home listings to tour on the weekends. Even if you’re not in the market for your next home, it can be very inspiring to see how the market is trending and to get a good general understanding of what inventory is available. Attending open houses may even inspire a DIY home project or two. 

Recently, I’ve been diving into searching for homes with smaller footprints. In my opinion, small doesn’t have to mean boring. In fact, I’ve found that small home footprints present some of the greatest opportunities for unique and creative solutions, especially as it relates to how we use our homes and finding unlikely storage nooks. Here we find moments for true design sense and innovation. Layered with homewares and decor that both define and personalize the home, small spaces really have the potential to have big personalities. 

There are many reasons why one might decide to live in tiny or small-scale spaces. Many millennials, in particular, have ditched a lifestyle of collecting “stuff” in favor of owning fewer possessions as our economy has practically demanded that people find ways to better manage their expenses amidst hefty college and medical debts. Similarly, ‘boomers’ are shedding their belongings and downsizing their homes in favor of an easy, carefree retirement. Would you ever consider living in a tiny home? If so, there are so many resources available to help get you started along your journey to tiny, like this quick guide to building your first tiny home.

For additional reading on tiny living, check out the following resources available at CCPL.


“The Little Book of Living Small shows readers how to make the most of limited square footage-with grace and style-and serves as the cheerleader readers need to help themselves feel satisfied and proud of their choice to live with less. In addition to exploring both the motivation behind choosing to live in a small space, as well as the practical, everyday advice for managing a tight footprint, The Little Book of Living Small also includes case studies: 12 style-savvy, small-space dwellers open their doors and share their design secrets. She covers a range of homes including studio apartments, one- and two-bedroom houses, an RV, a tiny house, a co-living space, and even whole houses. Stylistically these homes range from urban, rural, minimalist, embellish, industrial, and country, with the unifying thread that they are all real homes of less than 1,200 square feet that offer clever solutions that readers can steal for their own homes. Any space can be made to work better and harder; highly readable with actionable advice and beautiful interior photography, this book is one that readers can refer back to often when they need a boost of inspiration or motivation.”

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The Joys of California living — A Cost-efficient caretaker apartment — An Elegant suburban retreat — Tranquility above the crowds — Something old, something new — A Fresh angle — Trailer park living with a twist — A Neighborly development — A Small addition makes a big difference — A Contemporary slant on a traditional house.”

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Inspired by Danish design and traditions, this inspiring book, featuring tips based on research from The Happiness Institute in Copenhagen, shows how to turn a home into a cozy sanctuary regardless of available space or budget.”

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