In honor of May the 4th, we will be watching a documentary called Elstree 1976, which is about the world of Star Wars being built in Elstree studio by the extras of the film. 

As someone who grew up with Star Wars, this was a very cool documentary to watch. We were able to see behind the scenes of our favorite moments (like Han and Greedo facing off in the bar -who shot who first?), as well as bloopers like the infamous clip of the stormtrooper bumping his head – or, helmet into the door. However, what made this such an enjoyable film to watch was not only because of these peeks at such a cult classic but because we learn about the people who made the movie so enjoyable. 

In between recaps and still frames of the actors being interviewed, we learn about how they started their career, the scenes they did, their favorite memories, and what it is like going to conventions with their fans. How they were people outside of their characters, and even though they moved on from a galaxy far, far, away, they will always be a part of something bigger. 

Paul Blake, the actor who portrayed Greedo, said this, which I think encapsulates the importance of the actors, main or extra, “I have played Macbeth. I have played in Proust’s ‘A la recherche du temps perdu.’ I have played at the Royal Court Theater in London. Today, my tombstone will read, here lies Greedo, and that is fantastic! I have to say, after thirty years of living with that, I couldn’t have asked for a better epitaph.” 

Even though they were behind the scenes in the original trilogy, they stay with us as A New Hope does with us all. 

Thank you for reading, May The Force Be With You.