Create a bracelet or lanyard using plastic lace! This tutorial teaches the zipper braid.

Materials Needed

  • 48″ piece of plastic lace (Cut to 24″ for a lanyard.)
  • 24″ piece of plastic lace (Cut to 12″ for a lanyard.)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Keyring or lanyard hook (optional)


  • Step 1: Fold the 24-inch piece of lace in half.

  • Step 2: Place it next to the 48-inch piece of plastic lace.

  • Step 3: Tie an overhead knot with all three pieces.

  • Step 4: Tape the loop to the edge of a table with the longer piece (black in the photo) on the left.

  • Step 5: Holding the lace tight, bring the longer piece (the zipper thread) OVER and across the middle thread.

  • Step 6: Then bring the zipper thread (black in the photo) BELOW and across the right-most thread. Keep the shorter threads (pink in the photos) straight and flat.

  • Step 7: Bring the longer thread (the zipper thread) back across and OVER the thread to the left.

  • Step 8: Next, you will bring the zipper thread UNDER and across the leftmost thread.

  • Step 9: Essentially, you are going over, under, over, under, over, under through the length of the thread. Keep holding the threads tightly towards you. You can push the zipper thread up towards the tape to keep the braid tight. After a few passes with the threads, you should begin to see the zipper pattern forming.

  • Step 10: Once you reach the end of the thread, untape the plastic lace from the table. Tie another overhand knot at the end. If you need more slack for the knot, you can undo some of your zipper stitches. Once knotted, cut off the excess thread.

  • Step 11: To make a bracelet, pass the knot through the loop.

  • Step 12: To make a lanyard or a keychain, attach a keyring or lanyard hook to the loop at the top. (Note that you might want a shorter braid for a lanyard or keyring. It is recommended to start with a 24-inch piece and a 12-inch piece for a lanyard. Alternatively, just stop braiding earlier, cut off the excess thread, and make a lanyard that way.)