Want to know about Hotspots? Look no further!

Charles County Public Library has Hotspots that can be checked out to patrons. Some can even be placed on hold, while others are available on a first come, first served basis.

A Hotspot is a small, portable device that connects to cellular networks allowing devices to access Wi-Fi services. The Hotspots that Charles County Public Library offers work off of the Sprint Network.

Yes, patrons over the age of 16 will need a full-service library card, in good standing, to checkout a Hotspot. If you need a library card click here to sign up for one today.

The Hotspots we lend out support up to 10 devices at a time.

Our Hotspots have unlimited data. You can use as much data as you need without daily or weekly limits.

The mobile hotspot is location-dependent and will only work if the Wi-Fi vendor’s signal reaches into the area. The Hotspots that Charles County Public Library offers work off of the Sprint Network. We can make no guarantees of connectivity.

Yes, you will need a password to use the Hotspot. Each of our Hotspots have a password unique to that device and it is clearly noted on each case and/or device.

No, each patron may have only one Hotspot checked out to their account at any time. You may have one checked out and also place one on hold at the same time.

Hotspots may not be renewed. If there is another Hotspot available when you return your Hotspot, you may be able to check that one out.

If the Hotspot is not overdue and does not have any holds on it, the Hotspot being returned can be checked out to someone other than the person for whose account it is being returned.

*Patrons must be 16+ years old and have a full-access library card (in good standing) to checkout Hotspots.

You will be unable to check out a mobile hotspot with a Kids Card. However, you can register for a standard library card (with any government-issued photo ID) and then a mobile hotspot can be checked out to you.

All of our branches and our mobile library have a number of hotspots available for checkout. You must check out and return the hotspot in-person to the same branch. Please do not return hotspots in the book drop.

Hotspots check out for a 2-week, non- renewable period when checked out from a physical branch location. There is a 3-week, non-renewable check-out period for Hotspots borrowed from the Mobile Library Branch.

No, there are no late fees for Hotspots. Once the due date has passed and the Hotspot is late, or overdue, the data will be turned off, and the Hotspot will not work. It is best to return Hotspots on or before their due date.

The charge for the entire kit is $120. Individual lost/damaged items are priced as follows:

  • Hotspot: $100
  • Charging Cable/Plug: $10
  • Case: $20

Other Information:

  •   Mobile Hotspots are Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) filtered.
  •   Information on Hotspots can be found on our Web site.

The Mobile Hotspots are made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Maryland State Library.