Namaste, little yogis (and big yogis, too)! We are so happy to have you for a Yoga Story Time! Grab your yoga mats (or a blanket or big towel), a bottle of water, and let’s get started!

In yoga, there are some special words that we use that you might not have heard before, like:

  • Namaste: Namaste [NAH-muh-stay] is a traditional yoga greeting meaning “The light in me honors the light within you” and it can also be used at the end of yoga, too! When we say Namaste, we take our hands and press them together right in front of our hearts and bow our heads to each other.

  • Asana: Asana [ah-SAH-na] is a general term that means poses. You’ll see that most of our poses’ traditional Sanskrit names have the word “asana” at the end of them.

  • Flow: Flow is a series of asanas that move from one to another.

  • Visualization: Visualization refers to our ability to create pictures in our heads based on text we read or words we hear.

Now that we know our special yoga words, it’s time to read “Dinosaurs Don’t Do Yoga” by Catherine Bailey and Alex Willmore.

Oh, Rex! There was no need to get mad! Yoga is all about doing what you can today and not worrying about what others are doing. We all have our own unique skills and talents. Did you like how Sam helped Rex find his very own yoga stretch? We’ll get to try that pose later!

Are you ready to do a little Dino Flow? Me, too! As we do our poses, remember to breathe and only go as far as our bodies will let us safely. We’ll hold each pose for 3 breaths, then move into the next pose. When we breathe, we want to breathe IN through our nose and OUT through our mouths.  We can even pretend to blow out a candle when we breathe out. Let’s practice a couple of times. Breathe in… now breathe out. One more time. Breathe in… now breathe out! Great job!

(Grown-up Tip: Little yogis are very flexible. Make sure they aren’t over extending and to keep a slight bend in the joints. If the pose is too difficult, modification is greatly encouraged.)

Dino Flow

(2-3 Repetitions, holding each pose for 3 breaths)

Mountain Pose
Triceratops Pose (up)
Triceratops Pose  (left side)
Triceratops Pose (right side)
Tree Pose  (left side)
Tree Pose (right side)
T-Rex Pose with BIG ROAR!
Pterodactyl Pose  (left side)
Pterodactyl Pse (right side)
Dino Feet Pose  (left side)
Dino Feet Pose (right side)
Walking Dino Pose (left side)
Walking Dino Pose (right side)
Stegosaurus Pose (up)
Stegosaurus Pose (down) with BIG ROAR!
Volcano Pose (hands down)
Volcano Pose (hands up)

My goodness! What amazing yogis we have! Now that we have completed our flow, let’s do a cool down exercise! We’re going to do a visualization. Your grown-up can help you by reading the visualization aloud. 

Today’s visualization is called “How I want to Feel Today” from “Good Morning Yoga” by Mariam Gates and Sarah Jane Hinder 

(Grown-up Tip: You can listen to this visualization here)!

“Lay back in Resting Pose and get comfortable. Close your eyes and let your hands rest gently by your sides. Stretch a little taller by lifting your spine and then gently roll your shoulders back to press into the mat. 

Take a deep breath in… and let that long breath out. Let your whole body relax.  Feel the air as you take another deep breath in and let another long breath out.  Does it feel cool? Does it feel warm?

Now, let a word come into your mind that says how you want to feel today. It could be a word like joyful, kind, friendly, or curious. It could be a word like happy, peaceful, enthusiastic, or brave.  Choose the word that best describes how you want to feel. Hold it in your mind.

As you breathe in, fill yourself up with the feeling you want, like a balloon… and as you breathe out, send this feeling out into the world. Feel how you want to be today. Take another deep breath in… and let a long breath out. Open your eyes. You are ready for this day!”

Let’s meet back in Volcano Pose with our hands resting in our laps. I would like to finish this story time with our traditional yoga goodbye. Do you remember what that was?

Let’s practice it…Namaste!

Now, press your hands together and bring them to your heart. Bow your head a little bit like we’re looking at our feet, and say “namaste”. 

Namaste, little yogis! Thank you for sharing yoga with me today!

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