Are you interested in learning or practicing ASL phrases? Ms. Kate is creating an ASL program for kids that you may be interested in! 

What is ASL? It is American Sign Language, and it is how people who are deaf or hard of hearing communicate with each other. Sign language focuses on five things: palm orientation, handshape, facial expressions, movement, location. Some ASL signs are in the context of what has happened, and differences between some characters can be just one change. 

In this ASL Kids Club, the goal is to build comfort with the skills you already have and learn a new skill. Each session, there will be a printout that goes over what we practiced and or discussed. Everyone is free to ask what a particular sign is and ask questions on making a sign. Some are tricky to make or maybe mixed up with a different word or phrase, for example, letters of the alphabet, and it is okay to go over what we are unsure about. The goal of this program is once again to help people feel comfortable. 

Below are some reference sites you can go over or practice preparing for our first meeting on April 7th, 2021. For our first session, we will be going over introduction signs as well as the alphabet. I will share sheets in the Zoom chat that you can download to go over. I can’t wait to see you all there!

To register for the ASL Kids Club on April 7th, please click here!

Resources to use: 

  • The ASL App: I found out about this app through the website ASL Nook.
  • ASL Nook: This site shows ASL used in everyday life. I recently watched a video on signs you can train your dog with, how cool is that?
  • Life Print: This site is a great go-to when referencing specific signs. They show a slowed down version of the signing as well as non-altered clips.