Who doesn’t like a crispy, juicy, and yummy apple bite? This craft is perfect for this time of the year and easy to make at home. Hop over to our COSMOS page and find plentiful books related to the life cycle of an apple. Apples come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Explore the Culinary Arts Collection (GALE) and learn how to bake the perfect Apple Pie. Hop on over to Hoopla for this Read-along ebook about Apples.As always, ju


  • Scissors

  • Brown Construction Paper

  • Glue/Gluestick

  • White Paper Plate

  • Red, Green and Brown Crayon

  • Pencil


Step 1: Color your plate using your red crayon. (It’s okay if you want to color your apple a different color aside from red, as apples come in many colors).

Step 2: Using your hand and pencil, trace your hand onto a piece of color construction paper. Go ahead and cut out your traced hand. 

Step 3: Using a pencil/pen, draw a half of an oval on the top and bottom and a squiggly line on one side of the circle. Save the scraps as you will need them next.

Step 4: Flip over the scraps and color the smaller one green and the longer piece brown. These will represent leaf and stem.

Step 5: Bend the palm and place glue. Glue down the stem, leaf, and hand to the back of the plate.

Step 6: Here is your delicious apple!