Did you know that 19 species of owls live in the United States of America? Hoot on over to KidsinfoBits for more fun facts about owls, then create this too-cute-to-resist owl craft. After that, watch this Owl-some animated video on Kanopy or do-ooo checkout Creativebug for more ideas. Ready to leave the nest? Swoop right in at any of our branches and explore what else we have to offer!


  • Glue

  • Brown/Yellow/Blue Construction Paper

  • Scissors

  • Pencil/pen

  • 6 Googly eyes

  • 3 Colored/Pattern Cupcake liners


Step 1: Take your brown construction paper and twist it.

Step 2: Place glue on the back of the “branch” and glue it down.

Step 3: Take one of the cupcake liners and fold each side in. Fold the top flap and glue it down. Do the same for the other two.

Step 4: They should look something like this.

Step 5: Cut out the beaks by drawing 3 triangles. Glue down the beaks on the cupcake liners.

Step 6: Glue down your birds above the branch.