This is a super fun and adorable project to do at home with young children (older siblings can help, too)! I decided to decorate two spring-themed animal coloring sheets…I cut out the animals and glued them onto construction paper. I then added colorful cotton fluffs to the animals, to give them a cool three dimensional effect. 

  • Apron (optional)

  • Plastic Drop Cloth or Table Covering (optional)

  • Scissors

  • Elmer’s glue (bowl and paint brush optional)

  • Markers

  • Crayons

  • Assorted construction paper

  • Colorful craft fluffs

  • Animal coloring sheets (printed from the Internet)

*Crafting supplies can be ordered at Michael’s or Amazon


Step One:  Print out various cute animal coloring sheets from the Internet (I searched Google for free printables of puppies, kittens, piglets, chicks, bunnies and sheep).

Step Two: Lay down a protective plastic drop cloth or table covering and put on an apron, to protect your clothing (especially if you are using markers and liquid Elmer’s glue, it can become very messy).

Step Three: Gather up your supplies. This includes the animal coloring sheets, construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, crayons and colorful cotton craft fluffs.

Step Four: Choose which animal coloring sheets you want (I decided on the bunny and the chick). Decorate your animals with the crayons and/or the markers.

Step Five: After you are done coloring in your animals, use the scissors to cut them out.

Step Six:  Get your liquid Elmer’s glue and pour a little into a dish or a bowl. Use a paint brush to spread the glue all over the back of the animals.

Step Seven: Choose a piece of construction paper to use as backing – I chose black, because I thought it would make my bright colors stand out nicely. Carefully pick up the animals and press them down firmly onto the construction paper, so they are adhered all the way around.

Step Eight:  Now comes the fun part! Choose which cotton fluffs you’d like to use on your animals. I decided to use the yellow cotton fluffs for my chick, and the pink cotton fluffs for my bunny (I also used white cotton fluffs for my bunny’s ear and tail). I started with my chick…take a cotton fluff and unravel it all the way, and tear off small chunks – this will give the appearance of fur or downy fuzz.

Step Nine:  Pour a small amount of Elmer’s glue into your dish or bowl again, and use your paint brush to apply glue to small areas of the animal’s body (I started on the chick’s wing)…work to cover the entire body of the animal in small chunks of cotton fluff. The bunny took a little more time because the pink cotton fluffs were torn into smaller pieces, and the bunny’s body was larger than the chick’s.

Step Ten: Take your time and be patient…if your child loses interest, you can finish the project. As you can see, both end results are incredibly real looking three dimensional fluffy animals that you can actually frame and display in your child’s room!