Tween Comic Club is a place for comic lovers ages 9-14 to discuss what they are reading each month.  Here is the latest list of the books we’ve been talking about and that our tween readers recommend!  Follow the links to check out a copy for yourself.  And don’t forget to join a Tween Comic Club meeting if you would like to learn how you can submit your own recommendations to our feature!  We typically meet on the third Tuesday of each month.  Find our next meeting on the events calendar.

The Last Kids on Earth and the Midnight Blade by Max Brailler and Douglas Holgate

Book five of The Last Kids on Earth series follows Jack and his friends as they continue to survive the undead and try to discover what powers Jack’s new blade holds.  But they also have to figure out why Dirk has been acting so weird whenever he is near the zombies.  This series pairs text and graphics in a style similar to that of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

Jaylen B. says: “I like the book for two reasons. 1. It is a first person narrative.  2.  It has a cool name.  That is why I like the book.”

Harley Quinn, Vol. 4: Vengeance Unlimited by A. J Lieberman, Mike Huddleston, and Troy Nixey

Harley Quinn’s life gets turned upside-down as she attempts to balance her day job as a psychiatrist with her newfound powers, courtesy of Poison Ivy.  Plus, she is wanted for the murder of a police officer, and she has taken on a new job that may be too much for her to handle.  This volume collects issues 26-38 of Harley Quinn.

Skylan B. says: “Harley Quinn is framed for the murder of a policeman and every cop and criminal is after her.  Those same criminals want to open a valuable vault that one 12-year-old girl named Amanda can open.  For superhero fans of all ages.”

When Cleopatra, heir to the throne of Egypt, touches a strange tablet, she suddenly finds herself in the future–and outer space!  The inhabitants of her new home believe she can save them from the evil tyrant Xaius Octavian.  Cleopatra is not so sure, but she does enjoy combat training in her new school.  One day she may have to fight for the galaxy, but right now she is content to make new friends and try to pass math class!

Ms. Krysta says: “This fast-paced adventure follows a young Cleopatra as she gets transported into the future!  It’s a fun, action-packed read that features talking cats, which makes it kind of funny even though Cleopatra is expected to save the galaxy!  Recommended for fans of Zita the Spacegirl and Red’s Planet.”

Making Comics by Scott McCloud

Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics, explains how to create great comics, covering everything from drawing faces to formatting text and word balloons.

Ms. Faith says: “This is a great book for teens and tweens who are interested in learning how to create their own graphic novels.  This book covers lots of topics, resources, illustrations, and so much more.  A must read for anyone interested in graphic novels.”

The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill

Greta, a young blacksmith’s apprentice, finds a lost tea dragon in the marketplace.  When she returns it to the tea shop, she learns all about the dying art of raising tea dragons and harvesting their leaves for a very special kind of tea.

Ms. Krysta says: The Tea Dragon Society is a beautifully-illustrated book that invites readers into a gentle world where everyone seems to be friends and the young are interested in learning dying traditions from their elders.  This is a feel-good story that will have readers eager for the next installment–and wondering where they can get a tea dragon of their own!”

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