Are you wondering how to manage your money?  Here are some quick guides to creating a budget, as well as saving and investing.  We even have books on how to open a bank account or use a credit card!  You don’t have to be confused when it comes to money.  Simpy check out a library book!

General Personal Finance

Personal Finance for Teenagers and College Students by Tamsen Butler

An all-encompassing guide to opening a bank account, creating a budget, paying for college, and getting a credit card.

Opening a Bank Account

First Bank Account and First Investment Smarts by Jeri Freedman

This book covers the basics of opening and using a bank account.  Read about the different types of accounts you can open as well as the different types of interest rates.  Learn how to use an ATM, write a check, and manage your account online.  The book also addresses investment strategies and retirement accounts.

Creating a Budget

Top 10 Secrets for Creating and Sticking to a Budget Successfully by Diane Bailey

A quick guide to setting a budget and maintaining it.  Learn how to be smarter about saving your money.

First Budget Smarts by Judy Monroe Peterson

Learn how to become financially independent by setting spending and saving goals.  The book also covers how to track your weekly expenses, including using online budget tools.

Saving Money

Top Ten Secrets for Spending Your Money Wisely by Barbara Gottfried Hollander

Part of saving money is learning when and when not to spend it.  Learn how to evaluate the cost of items and determine their affordability, as well as how to make a budget and stick to it.

Smart Saving and Financial Planning by Carla Mooney

Carla Mooney offers tips on how to save money to spend on future goals like going to school or buying a car.

Top Ten Secrets for Saving Successfully by Jennifer Swanson

Jennifer Swanson addresses how to make saving a habit while setting up financial goals like saving for college or creating an emergency fund. 

Opening a Credit Card

First Credit Cards and Credit Smarts by Ann Byers

This book serves as a guide to the basics of credit cards.  Readers can learn how to choose a card by understanding interest rates, fees, and minimum payments.  They will also learn how  to understand their credit scores and how to protect their credit information.

Top 10 Secrets for Managing Credit Cards and Paying Bills Successfully by Therese M. Shea

Learn how to avoid credit card debt with this guide to paying your bills on time.