It is officially Fall, the foliage is becoming crisp and turning vibrant shades of red and amber, and of course, we celebrate all things pumpkin and pumpkin spice. The days are shorter, and the air is much cooler – this is the time of year to spend the mornings curled up under a warm blanket, reading a library book while sipping a coffee or a hot chocolate, or bundling up during the evenings in a thick sweater and cozy scarf while at bonfires and football games. 

With the holiday season fast approaching, this is the perfect time of year for families to gather together and cook and bake their favorites. Teens and even younger children will benefit by being involved, as it is never too early to pass along cherished recipes while teaching them the importance of healthy nutrition and kitchen safety. 

Hello, my name is Sara, and in this blog, I will provide five autumn meal recipes and inspirations (some are my own photos) with specific ingredients and directions.  I will also provide a link to my past autumn food blog, which contains additional hearty recipes as well as lovely autumn and winter craft inspirations.

Autumn Meal Recipes and Inspirations:

Below is my very own past autumn blog post courtesy of our CCPL @ HOME BLOG. This is a very beneficial blog that, in addition to offering hearty recipes, also provides autumn and winter craft inspirations (two of which are my own designs) so you can decorate your home and make it beautiful for the upcoming season.

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Fall Comfort Foods (with Beautiful Craft Inspirations)

(October 2022)

“In this blog, I will provide four autumn meal inspirations (some are my own photos), with specific recipes for each. I will also provide three autumn and winter craft inspirations so you can decorate your home and make it beautiful and festive for the upcoming season. Lastly, I will provide additional resources for cooking and baking delicious fall recipes, making gorgeous crafts, and creating a perfectly inviting space.”

Additional Resources:

For more inspiring recipe ideas, please visit CCPL’s new free culinary database, The Culinary Arts Collection. The Culinary Arts Collection offers a smorgasbord of information—more than five million articles from more than 250 major cooking and nutrition magazines, as well as book reference content from Delmar such as About Wine, Introduction to Catering, Advanced Bread and Pastry, and Eat Fit Be Fit. Exclusive features, including Topic Finder, InterLink, and a mobile-optimized interface, support and enhance the search experience.

You may also check out our CCPL catalog for more information on recipes for delicious, hearty autumn meals, beautiful craft projects and tips for creating a warm and inviting home such as:

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