Pop-up cards are a wonderful and visual marvel, but they’re not as complicated as they look. This DIY pop-up card is easy to make and wonderful to give out as a gift.


  • A regular size sheet of colored paper

  • 7 – 4×4 pieces of colored paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Colored pencils/crayons

  • and any other decorating materials you might like


Step 1: Fold your square piece of paper corner to corner 3x.

Step 2: With the folded corner facing down, draw and cut a curve. Cut all 7 pieces of paper. Decorate the flower however you wish. (Tip: Use colors that stand out against the paper).

Step 3: When finished decorating, cut out one petal from the flower. Glue and connect flowers together. 

Step 4: The next gluing parts are the most confusing. Go slow and double-check what parts you’re gluing. Only put glue on top of the petal where the dots sit. Do not glue the entire flower. The dots in the photo will also show where to position the next flower.

Fold flower flat. Glue two flatten flowers on left and right. Leave the middle open.

One flower will be glued in the middle.

One flower sits on the right, the other left. Leave the middle open.

For the final flower, glue in the middle. Once done, flatten your flower under something heavy and leave to dry fully.

Step 5: Fold your colored sheet of paper in half to make your card. Place your flower about a half-inch away from the inner-crease. Put glue where the dot is seen in photo on both sides of the flower. Flatten card and leave to dry.

Voila! Open gently (too wide and the flowers will come undone).

For more information, be sure to check out these titles!

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