Dogs have been referred to as “Man’s best friend” and can be found in art, movies, and even in many books. Take a peek at a few historic paintings featuring our canine friends!

Art Fit for the Dogs

Winslow Homer
Hunting Dogs in a Boat 1889

Paul Gauguin
Still Life with Three Puppies 1888

George Romney
Lady Hamilton as Nature 1782

Edward Hopper
Cape Cod Evening 1939

George Rodrigue
Blue Dog and Cajuns on the River

Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Luncheon of the Boating Party 1880-1881

Charles Barton Barber
A Special Pleader, 1893

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge
A Friend in Need, 1904

Édouard Manet
King Charles Spanie, 1866

John Stubbs
A Couple of Foxhounds, 1792

Andy Warhol
Portrait of Maurice, 1976

Michael Sowa
Their Master’s Voice

Norman Rockwell
Pride of Parenthood, 1962

Diego Velázquez
Las Meninas, 1656

Books for the Dog Lover

It’s a Dog’s Life: How Man’s Best Friend Sees, Hears, and Smells the World by Susan Goodman

A whimsically illustrated guide to the inner life of dogs shares lighthearted insights into dog evolution and behavior while profiling common breeds and explaining what a dog experiences while looking at a sunset and smelling the ground.

Super Sniffers: Dog Detectives on the Job by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

A dog’s nose is 300 times more powerful than a human nose, so it’s no wonder that dogs use their incredibly advanced sense of smell to do some very important jobs. Dorothy Hinshaw Patent explores the various ways specific dogs have put their super sniffing ability to use: from bedbug sniffers to explosive detectors to life-saving allergy detectors…and more.

Is My Dog a Wolf?: How Your Pet Compares to It’s Wild Cousin by Jenni Bidner

Explains how dogs and wolves descended from the ancient wolf, but have evolved into very different animals, then discusses both the similarities and differences between how the two animals behave.

Underwater Dogs: Kids Edition by Seth Casteel

Photographs and simple, rhyming text reveal what goes on beneath the surface as various dogs swim to fetch their favorite toys. Includes facts about the different dog breeds depicted.

Nanny Paws by Wendy Wahman

Nanny Paws looks after Ally and Mae the only way she knows how–as a dog would. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her girls. She feeds them a hearty breakfast (cookies are best), picks up their toys (teddy bears fit nicely in freshly dug holes), and even walks them to school (running them there is fun too). But one Tuesday, Ally and Mae come homesick, and it’s up to Nanny Paws to take care of them … in her own special way.

Dogs by Emily Gravett

Big dogs, small dogs, stripy dogs, spotty dogs. There are so many different kinds of dogs. How can anyone pick one type of dog to love the most?

How to Speak Dog! by Sarah Whitehead

Describes how to read a dog’s body language, explains how to effectively train a dog, and offers advice for what to expect as a pet owner and ideas for games both dogs and owners will enjoy.

Everything Dogs by Becky Baines

All the canine facts, photos, and fun that you can get your paws on.

Dog Science Unleashed: Fun Activities to do With Your Canine Companion by Jodi Wheeler-Toppen 

Learn about science with the most faithful lab partner you’ll ever have — your dog! Discover how your canine companion thinks, moves, drinks, stays warm, gets clean, cools off, and more. Have fun with 22 safe and pup-friendly activities that let you work alongside your dog to discover what makes him tick. Hands-on activities and fun information for budding scientists prompt further learning and offer a behind-the-scenes look at current canine research. 

Shelter Dogs by Meish Goldish

A collection of true stories features dogs adopted from animal shelters and their role in saving lives and helping people in need.

Anita’s Puppy Tale by Tessa Roehl

Anita is on a mission to bring joy to her new boarding school. After finding a Dalmatian puppy, she must team up with her friends to keep her new furry friend hidden from mean girl Cruella De Vil. Will Anita’s secret puppy be discovered?

Lily by Ellen Miles

Meeting an untrained English cream golden retriever while on a beach vacation at the Fair Harbor Inn, Charles Peterson and his pet-fostering family work to teach the rambunctious pup what she needs to learn to find a permanent home. Includes tips for traveling with your dog.

Art Inspiration 

We hope these paintings and books will get you inspired to paint or draw a picture of your dog or the dog you hope to have one day!