Welcome to Gardening with Ms. Kate! In this video, we will be learning about how to prune our plants! Pruning means we are cutting off the dead leaves off our plants to keep them healthy. Think of plant leaves as your hair. We get our hair cut to keep it healthy and promote growth. That is what we are doing for our leaves. I will show you how to prune on a succulent and on a peace lily today. 

Before we prune, I want to say to be careful, because we are using scissors.

For peace lilies, we are going to cut the dead leaves by the stem. If they have dead tips on their leaves, cut those out as well. These pieces are kind of scar tissue for plants, if you don’t cut this out, the leaf can’t grow anymore. 

For succulents, it is a little different, you will not need scissors because of how their leaves are formed. Succulent leaves are different compared to the lilies because they store water through their leaves. There are a couple of reasons why this succulent’s leaves are yellow. The main reason could be overwatering. It is tricky with succulents, because even though they are plants and plants need water it can harm if they are overwatered due to root rot. Root rot happens when the water sits in the bottom of the pot and slowly rots the roots. Check the soil of your plants before you water. If it is still wet, your plant is doing okay. 

When pruning succulents I simply pluck the leaf, making sure I completely take it off of the plant by the polyp. 

Once you are done, your plants are as good as new! 

I would like to finish our first session by saying you are doing great with your plants, there are moments where I am frustrated as well but it is a learning experience and it is so exciting to see your plants grow! 

Have a great day and stay safe!

💓 Ms. Kate