Welcome to Gardening with Ms. Kate! In this video, we will be learning about Peace Lillies!

Peace lilies are a member of the member of the Arum family (along with Elephant Ear, Monstera and Calla lily). They originate from the tropical rainforests of Columbia and Venezula. They are also known to symbolize peace and sympathy. People usually gift peace lilies to friends or family when a loved one has passed.

As someone who’s garden is majority succulents, Peace lilies can be a challenge, especially when you first have them. I say this because they need water way more than desert plants and need constant maintenance to get them to bloom.

The reason why it is hard to get peace lilies to stay healthy and bloom is because we are in Maryland, not in a rainforest, and we have to duplicate properties of their environment for them. (It’s okay to lie to your plants). Peace lilies enjoy being some sunlight and need to be watered every other day. They are drama queens and they will let you know when they need to be watered by wilting. I recommend keeping track of when you watered your lily in a calendar. Or else you are going to get mood swings from the lilies!

I would take a moment to highlight that peace lilies, although beautiful, are very toxic to pets and ourselves. Please be careful that no one ingests this plant.

I would like to finish our session by saying you are doing great with your plants. There are moments where I can get frustrated or confused on how to take care of them too. It is a learning experience and every plant is different in their own way, just like us! You guys are doing great!

Have a great day and stay safe!

💓 Ms. Kate