The Bloodshot movie just came out and if you want to know more on who Bloodshot is or what Valiant comics are then these listed books are the best way to intrigue you into both Bloodshot and brand new heroes you may have never heard of! All of the books on this list are available on Hoopla. If you do not know what Hoopla is, it’s a free digital library where you can borrow books, movies, audiobooks, and graphic novels!

 Bloodshot Definitive Edition(2012) By Duane Swerczynski and Matt Kindt, art by Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi

This is the reprinted and remastered version of the 2012 relaunch of Bloodshot. This book covers the character and origin that the movie used as source material. Bloodshot is an experimental super soldier who has the ability to rapidly heal with nanites created by Project Rising Spirit, trying to piece together his past and the truth of what the organization wants with him.

Bloodshot Reborn v1: Colorado by Jeff Lemire, art by Mico Suayan

After the events of The Valiant, Bloodshot loses his nanites and retires as just a drifter who is grateful his nightmare ended. Then he sees on the news that people are becoming infected by the removed nanites harming innocent people. Bloodshot goes on a road trip to reabsorb his nanites while being out of balance from past events catching up to him.

X-O Manowar(2012) v1: By the Sword by Robert Venditti, art by Cary Nord

X-O Manowar(2012) was the original released series of Valiant’s 2012 reboot. It’s about an ancient Visogoth warrior named Aric of Dacia who was abducted by an alien race called the Vine who worship the ultimate weapon in the universe known as the X-O Manowar armor. The armor chooses Aric who escapes to find it’s the modern day and he’s been gone for 1,600 years.

Rai(2014) v1: Welcome to New Japan by Matt Kindt, art by Clayton Cray

In the year 4001 the country of Japan became a floating utopia where crime has ceased to exist, controlled by the AI known as Father. Father has a one man police force, a cyborg named Rai. Chaos begins to rise in New Japan after the first murder in a thousand years has taken place. Rai must choose between sides and who is lying, the all-knowing Father or the criminal rebellion.

Ninjak(2015) v1: Weaponeer by Matt Kindt, art by Clay Mann

One of Valiant’s most deadliest assassins is Ninjak. Ninjak’s past begins to catch up with him on his current assassignment, so he looks to the past for answers about his origin at MI-6.

The Valiant by Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt, art by Paolo Rivera

The Eternal Warrior and Geomancer summon the mightiest of warriors they can find to help them stop the Immortal Enemy from an ultimate attack on the earth. Bloodshot among many other heroes from across the Valiant universe to join them to fight the ultimate battle to save the world in this event.

Faith v1: Hollywood and Vine by Jodie Houser, art by Francis Portella

The only real superhero at Valiant is a woman named Faith Herbert balancing her normal geeky everyday life with her desire to do greater for others as Zephyr. The story follows Faith and her everyday superhero life and ordinary life from stopping burglars, fighting an alien invasion, and even having her own supervillain!

Divinity by Matt Kindt, art by Trevor Hairsine

A Russian cosmonaut is sent out to the deepest reaches of space in desperation to win the space race. The cosmonaut encounters something alien on his voyage that changes him. 30 years later Abrams Adams returns with the abilities to change time, space and matter; even recreates the outback desert to be an oasis.

Archer & Armstrong(2012) v1: The Michelangelo Code by Fred Van Lente, art by Clayton Henry

Obediah Archer is sent by his family’s sect to assassinate the immortal man known as Armstrong. When they both find out there is more to this plot, they uncover a conspiracy that spans from the highest of places and to all across the globe.

Bloodshot Salvation v1 The Book Of Revenge By Jeff Lemire, art by Mico Suayun and Lewis Larosa

Taking place between now and the future, Bloodshot fights to protect his daughter. In the present his unborn daughter and girlfriend, Magic, are chased by Magic’s criminal family to become their own weapons. In the future Bloodshot’s daughter has grown up. He teaches her to use her powers and both continue to be hunted by the corrupt future America.