Kanopy Kids is a great way to keep your little one busy. With books that come alive to educational and entertaining movies and television shows, Kanopy Kids is a safe and fun database for the whole family to enjoy. And, the best part, it’s completely free. Simply use your library card to access Kanopy and click on the “Go to Kanopy Kids” tab on the top right of your homepage. 

Another great thing about Kanopy Kids is that it doesn’t use up your Kanopy viewing credits. You have unlimited access to Kanopy Kids with absolutely no strings attached. The only question is, what will you read and watch today?

Every other week we’ll dive into a new and fun offering that you can find on Kanopy Kids. Along with a book/movie review and links to other great resources. I hope you will come back often and explore with us the amazing world of Kanopy Kids.

This weeks Kanopy Kids selection:


Pet Show by Weston Woods

If your neighborhood was having a pet show, what pet would you bring? For Archiehe knew exactly what pet he would be bringing to the pet show – Cat! But, when the big day came, that pesky cat was nowhere to be found. Where could he be? Will Archie be the only kid in the neighborhood without a pet to show? Will Cat eventually come out of hiding so Archie can show him? Find out in Ezra Jack Keats’ Pet Show. 

Pet Show can also be found on Hoopla.

Explore Science

Brothers Chris and Martin Kratt take you on an animated, animal adventure that is sure to get you thinking, imagining, and wanting to learn more about the animal kingdom. Join the Kratt Brothers as they explore insects, underwater creatures, and animals that live in a variety of climates. Where will they go next? Find out with Kanapy Kids Science.


Gumby is a classic claymation short movie that you can now share with your children. There are three episodes available on Kanopy Kids and they are just as fun and entertaining as you remember them. 

We hope you’ll click on over to Kanopy Kids and discover for yourself some new favorites and old pastimes that everyone in your family will enjoy. 

Until next time, we hope you are safe and sound under your canopy and that you will join us using our Kanopy!