Welcome to Gardening with Ms. Kate! In this video, we will be learning about Aloes! Aloes are a type of succulent that have numerous benefits to us!Β 

Succulents are able to survive harsh environments, like deserts, by trapping water in their leaves. The aloe takes one step further. It has vitamins in its gel that have the capability to help heal burns and are also good for digestion. There are aloe leaf drinks and I personally have seen leaves at the grocery store.Β 

Aloes are a very good plant for beginner gardeners. They are very low maintenance, but I would like to highlight a few things on how to care for them.Β 

Aloes need direct sunlight and need little water, just like they would in a hotter climate. I have mine on a windowsill in my room. I use Cactus Mix soil when I plant my aloes or any other succulents. Succulents especially need soil that drains water. They are used to dry conditions and the soil replicates what their home environment would be like. This soil also helps avoid overwatering, root rot and black spots on leaves. When watering your aloe or any succulent, check the soil first. Is it still moist? Then give it a day or two. Aloes soak in the water from the soil and saves them in their leaves. They are portioning out the water little by little. If you water, it too soon the plant works overtime and that is how you can get yellowing leaves and other blemishes. I also recommend when getting any plant to place it into a pot that has a hole in the bottom. This helps avoid root rot by giving the excess water an exit instead of letting it fester. If you keep this in mind, your aloe will grow into a healthy and happy succulent!

I would like to finish our session by saying you are doing great with your plants. There are moments where I can get frustrated or confused on how to take care of them too. It is a learning experience and every plant is different in their own way, just like us! You guys are doing great!

Have a great day and stay safe!

πŸ’“ Ms. Kate