• Well a plant starts as a seed that you plant in the ground. Then that plant grows and produces a flower and then that flower gets fertilized and produces a seed and the plant dies back.
  • Seeds can come from your fruits and veggies like the pumpkin seeds that you scoop out of your pumpkin on Halloween, acorns are also seeds that grow and turn into oak trees and the sunflower seeds you may put in your bird feeder can be planted and give you a sunflower plant.

(flower power pumpkin seeds)

(flower power acorns)

  • Not all plants grow from seeds, some plants come from a bulb. They are typically planted in the fall and come up in the spring like daffodils or tulips. Bulbs contain the whole life cycle of the plant and the part you see above the ground are the leaves and the flowers.

(flower power bulbs)

(flower power daffodils)

  • All plants need three things to survive: Water, Soil and Sunlight
  • Perennials are plants that come back every year which means that you don’t have to plant them every year. Such as columbine, primroses and our state flower the black eyed susan.

(flower power columbine)

  • Annuals are things you have to plant every year such as pansies, marigolds and morning glories.

(flower power pansies)


  • Pot

  • Dish

  • Glass Beads or Rocks

  • Soil

  • Seeds

  • Watering Can

  • Scissors

  • Water


Step 1: Place your beads or rocks in the bottom of the pot. They allow the soil to drain properly so you don’t end up rotting the roots of your plant.

Step 2: Add soil to the pot but only fill up the pot ¾  of the way up. This allows you to water the plant without the pot overflowing.

Step 3: With your finger poke several holes in the soil about 1 inch or so down.

Step 4: Cut the top off of your seed packet and put a couple of seeds in each hole. Then cover over the holes gently

Step 5: Fill up your watering can and then water your seeds well.

Step 6: Put a dish (plastic, ceramic doesn’t make a difference) under the pot to catch leaks when you water the plant.

Step 7: Place the pot in a place that gets sufficient light and in a few weeks you should hopefully see the seeds sprout.


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