Hi Friends!

As you may know, I love languages. I love learning new languages, I love speaking new languages, and I especially love to teach my friends new languages. I get all of my language books from the library and I also use Mango Languages, which is a super-fun language learning database that is FREE with your library card. You should check it out. They have so many fun languages that you can learn. 

Today, I’m going to teach you my two favorite languages – Spanish and Sign Language, and we are going to talk about Rainy Days. How does that sound? Great! Let’s go…


I love to watch the rain fall, don’t you? Rain is so good for the flowers and trees and it helps to wash everything away and make it fresh and new. Let’s learn how to say “rain” in Spanish. Ready?

la lluvia

It sounds like – la you-vee-a


Awesome job! Now, in Sign Language, we take all five of our wiggly fingers, palms down and we wiggle them down. We are pretending like our wiggly fingers are raindrops and they are falling from the clouds down to the earth.


When you go out into the rain, you should always bring your umbrella. That way you won’t get too wet! The Spanish word for umbrella is a little longer, but I know you can do it…

la sombrilla

It sounds like – la some-bree-ya

You are amazing! In Sign Language, we are going to pretend like we are opening an umbrella. We will put both of our closed hands on top of each other and in one motion we will raise one of our closed hands (keeping it closed) up towards the sky while the other remains in the same place. 

This is so much fun! Let’s learn two more words that have to do with rainy days, shall we?

Boots and Puddle

I love this picture so much, don’t you? On rainy days, I love to go outside with my rain boots and splash around in the puddles. Sometimes I get my paints a little wet, but it’s ok. Let’s learn the words for boots and puddles. Ready?

Boots = los botas

It sounds like – loss boat-uz

Puddle = el charco

Sounds like – el char-ko

Excellent job! To say boots in Sign Language we are going to make the sign for shoes (take your closed fists, knuckles facing out and knock them together) and we are going to add one hand coming up to the inside elbow and karate chopping it. So, to put it all together, two closed fists knocking together a few times then your dominant hand will open up and karate chop your arm on the inside of your elbow while the other hand remains in place. 

To say puddle, we will make the “W” sign with our dominant hand and press that sign against the side of our chin. We will then take both of our hands and make a circle next to us, like we are making the shape of a puddle or a patch of water next to us.

Here is a short video that I made of me signing all of the words that I’ve taught you as well as saying those words in Spanish:


Congratulations! You’ve learned four words in two different languages. Wow! Next month we’ll explore more words with Ms. Faith’s Favorites but, until then, you can check out all the fun Spanish and Sign Language resources on these great library databases:

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