With everything that is going on in the world today, sometimes it is just nice to get away and escape to another world full of adventure, mystery, magic, and no face masks…well maybe a few!

Check out these great YA books that are all about witches, wizards, and magic:

Cast in Firelight (Wikery #1) by Dana Swift

Adraa, an accomplished witch, and Jatin, a motivated wizard, have been arranged to be married in order to unite two of Wikery’s most powerful kingdoms. With their talents and determination they can accomplish anything they set their minds to but can they stop fighting with each other long enough to get anything done for their kingdoms? 

In this first novel of a fantasy duology, Swift introduces an epic, imaginative read that is part middle eastern culture, part mythology, and all fantasy that will keep you reading until the last page. 

Cast in Firelight is available in book format and can be reserved and picked up through our curbside service from any one of our libraries. For more information, click here

Heart of Thorns Trilogy by Bree Barton

Author Bree Barton brings magic, adventure, and wonder to her Heart of Thorns trilogy. First published in 2018 and concluding the series this year, Barton has introduced some admirable characters, and some downright awful characters, across four kingdoms and through many hardships. A must read for anyone who loves a thrilling trilogy that does conclude happily (sort of) with book three. 

You can find book one of the Heart of Thorns trilogy in our library’s database, as well as on Hoopla in ebook and audiobook format. 

Tears of Frost can be found in our library’s database and Hoopla, as well. 

Soul of Cinder was just released in January of this year so it is only available in book format through our libraries

Once and Future Series by Amy Rose Capetta

This inclusive, gender-bending series is a must read for anyone wanting to see King Arthur and Merlin reinvented in this century but fighting the same battles of old. Told with poignant voices and fun characters this series is a sure hit for fans of the legend. 

Once and Future and Sword in the Stars can be found in our library’s database and picked up through curbside from any of our library locations.