Have you ever seen a rainbow? Rainbows can be seen coming out from behind a cloud, rain, or even the ground. Create this cute Rainbow Cloud craft. Grab a hold of some of our other online resources such as COSMOS to learn more about rainbows. Checkout this cute picture book on the Novelist page where you can find your child’s next read. And lastly, don’t forget to check out the Creativebug page to get even more ideas.

Materials needed:

  • Multicolor Construction Paper

  • Cotton Balls

  • Glue

  • White Cardstock Paper

  • Marker

  • Googly eyes

  • Scissors


1. Draw a picture of a cloud on the white cardstock paper.

2. Cut your cloud template out and cut 1x strip of the color construction paper.

3. Glue down your strips on the bottom of the cloud template.

4. Draw a face and glue down the googly eyes.

5. Place glue all around the face and glue down cotton balls.

6. Here is your Rainbow Cloud!

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