Let science be your curiosity. Try out this neat paint trick by placing salt on wet glue, then allowing it to dry. And once it’s dry, painting it with watercolors. The salt absorbs the water creating a vibrant show before your eyes! Check out our CreativeBug page to find more art projects and our COSMOS page to read more into the science behind salt. Let your colors flow!

Materials needed:

  • White Cardstock paper

  • School Glue

  • Watercolor Paint

  • Paint brush

  • Salt

  • Water

  • Paper Towel

  • Creativity!


1. Using a pencil, write or even draw a word of your choice.

2. Now trace with glue over the letters.

3. Add salt to the wet glue and shake off extra.

4. Give 5-10 mins for the glue to dry. In the meantime, add a few drops of water to your watercolor palette.

5. Taking a small brush with your selected color, add it to your letters. They can be all one color or you can intermix colors.

6. Vola! How beautiful! Now try it with your name. Happy painting.