Do you love to have stories read to you? Did you know that Hoopla has Read-Alongs?

Go to Hoopla. 

In the search bar, type in “read along” and hit enter. You should see this amazing list show up right before your eyes:

There are two types of read alongs:

Read Alikes

There are read alikes that will read the book to you. The narrator will prompt you when it’s time to turn the page and they will read all the words while you follow along. 

Animated Books

Then there are animated books that look almost like movies. The narrator still reads the books and you can still follow along with the words but the images are animated for you.

Note: There are also some books that aren’t listed specifically as read alongs but, you can see in their title that they are read alongs.

So, what will you read next? Head on over to Hoopla and discover all of your new favorites!