As the year passes, there are occasions that bring one topic to mind…Buying loved ones’ gifts! It can be so difficult to find the right thing for the right person at the right price. So…why not consider making some gifts? Here is a list of 10 gifts that you can make yourself! While some of these gifts may require you to buy materials, there may be others where you already have all the necessary supplies.

For this gift, all you will need is a frame, a few pictures, and the rest is improvised! Inside the frame, you place pictures of you (and said person), a note to them, magazine clip-outs, dried flowers, and other things to make it your own. Anything you can think of that will fit into the frame!

For those who enjoy self-care, who doesn’t love a sugar scrub? With only three ingredients required, you probably already have everything to make this! Simply combine sugar, oil (coconut, baby, vegetable, etc.), and essential oils. For an exact recipe, click here.

Nature holiday decor, what’s not to love? These decorative trees are made with sweetgum balls (these aren’t found in the candy aisle, but rather in your backyard!), hot glue, and cardboard. The instructions are listed below.

  1. Gather all your sweetgum balls. You will probably need more than you think!
  2. Cut out a circular piece of cardboard. This will be the base of your tree, so make sure to make it however wide you would like your tree to be.
  3. Begin hot-gluing a layer of sweetgum balls down on this piece to form the base of your tree.
  4. Once you have that whole piece covered, glue a second layer that is slightly smaller so that it does not go all the way to the edge.
  5. Repeat this process until you have reached the top of your tree.
  6. Once your tree is fully built, feel free to spray paint and decorate with whatever you like!

This one is sew (gotta love a crafting joke!) easy and will keep them warm all winter. All you need for this project is two pieces of fleece, scissors, and a measuring tape. You can customize it and make it the perfect length for them! No one wants short blankets. For instructions, click here.

Yes, this is a basic gift. Why? Because we are all coffee, tea, or hot chocolate drinkers! Who doesn’t love a custom-made mug? There are so many different ways you can go with this one. Here are just two ideas: the marble watercolor mug and the sharpie mug. Both of these can be made dishwasher safe, so they will last you quite a while.

While you can buy shaving cream, there is something much more personal and wholesome about homemade. The best thing is it can be adapted for anyone to use! To check out this recipe click here

Who doesn’t love getting food as a gift? Nuts are a classic snack around the winter months and combining them with cinnamon sugar? Absolutely wonderful! Click here for this delicious recipe that requires only 6 ingredients.

The practical gift that everyone will be able to use. Making these paracord pieces is much more simple than you’d think and lots of fun. There are many things you can do with paracord; these are just a few suggestions. Here are instructions to make a short lanyard, a long lanyard, and a bracelet.

This is a comforting and beautiful gift. Cookies are such a comfort food and when all the dry ingredients are arranged in a jar, they really look quite nice. You can always jazz up the jar with a ribbon and a printed message. Here is a list of 24 amazing recipes you can use.

For all the hot chocolate lovers out there, what better way to stir up cocoa than with a peppermint candy spoon? This recipe does require you to use a silicone spoon mold which can be found for under $10. However, this delicious treat is well worth it! Click here to find the recipe.