Are you hoping to make some extra cash?  Perhaps you would like experience to put on your resume?  Hoopla offers many digital resources that can help you research career paths, apply for jobs, and gain experience through internships and volunteer work.

Applying for a Job

Here are some books that can help you land a job by teaching you how to search for work, network with others, apply for openings, and interview.  Some books will also help you gain soft skills that can help you to apply for and keep a job.

Careering by Tamara S. Raymond

Explore different career paths by gaining real-world experience.  Learn the basics of how to search for, apply, and interview for a job.  

Great Decision-Making Skills by Corona Brezina

Even if you do not have direct experience in a particular job field, you can start gaining soft skills– skills that will help you to succeed in any career path.  This book will teach you how to make decisions by planning for the future and how to communicate those decisions.

Great Interpersonal Skills by Michael A. Sommers

This book teaches you how to interact with others in order to successfully apply for a job.  It also gives advice on how to interact with others once you have joined the workforce.

Great Networking Skills by Greg Roza

Have you ever been told, “It’s not what you know, but who you know?”  Learn how to build relationships with others that can help you find potential jobs and maybe even be hired.

Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Getting hired can sometimes be easier if you can put relevant work history on your resume.  If you have never held a job before, however, you can build your resume with internships and volunteer experiences.  Such opportunities can also help you discover if you are still interested in a particular field or not.  These books will help you explore some of your options.

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities for TV and Movie Buffs by Adam Furgang

Learn how to land an internship and gain valuable experience in the industry you are interested in.

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities for People Who Love Music by Kathy Furgang

This book covers opportunities to learn about music performance, music publishing, music production, music education, music therapy, instrument tuning and repair, and more.

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities for Science and Math Wizards by Daniel E. Harmon

Learn about opportunities in zoos, aquariums, local companies, websites, labs and research facilities, the robotics industry, aeronautics, and the chemical engineering, energy, and pharmaceuticals industries.

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities for People Who Love to Build Things by Laura LaBella

This book covers training paths needed for various careers–anything from shipbuilding to architecture. 

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities for People Who Love Nature by Greg Roza

Learn about opportunities to work with animals, plants, and habitats–all in the great outdoors.

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities for People Who Love All Things Digital by Anastasia Suen

Discover how to find internship and volunteer openings, learn how to network, and write a stellar resume for a career in the digital field.

College, Technical School, and More

Depending on how you envision your future, you may want to pursue options that are different from simply enrolling in college after high school. These books will help you think about what kind of training you may need for the job you want.

Paying for College by Barbara Gottfried Hollander

College can be extremely expensive.  Hollander provides information on resources students can draw on to help lower costs, including loans, scholarships, and work.

Undecided by Genevieve Morgan

Morgan provides information on everything from getting the SAT scores you need to apply to college to thinking about trade school and even a career in the military.

Making the Right College Choice by Annalise Silvanich

Silvanich prompts readers to consider different factors when applying for college, such as the possibility of a gap year and how finances could affect their choices.  She also guides readers through the application process.

How Valuable Is A College Degree?  by Various

Is the high cost of college worth it?  Can students expect to earn back the money they took out in loans?  This book analyzes college as a financial investment and also explores alternatives to a college degree.