Where can you find ideas for a story? Here are a few ideas that might help inspire you.


An adaptation is where you take a story from a book, play, TV show, comic book, song, video game, or some other source, and make a new movie about it.

True Stories

Stories that are ripped from the headlines are another great source of inspiration.

Historical Events

You can write about events that happened long ago. It can be an actual accounting of an event, or you can write a fictional story around an actual event.


Look in your newspaper for ideas. But just look at the headlines. Don’t read the articles. Mix two headlines together.

Personal Experience

We can use our personal knowledge and experience as a basis for a fictional story, which will give us the freedom to meet all the criteria of a compelling screenplay. We can even embellish our experience to raise the stakes of the story! 

Check out the video to learn more about brainstorming for new ideas.